Middlesex University hosts the YouTube conference

YouTube conference, organised and hosted by Middlesex University, attracted more than 40 scholars and media practitioners from 15 different countries. 

The two-day conference saw, among other things, debates about why is it that the most-viewed YouTube channel belongs to a 4 - year old, and what does it mean that more than 2 million YouTubers receive remuneration from the content they upload.  

Media practitioners also offered valuable insights into the video production industry. Kevin Sutcliffe, former Head of News Programming at Vice News, explained that there was a significant increase in their audience’s interest in hard news following the introduction of videos.  

However, Katie Sheridan, the co-writer and co-producer of the online series Match Not Found, warned that earning a living by YouTubing is not an easy task. ‘YouTube contacted us after the show had around a million views. There isn’t that much scripted content on YouTube, such as Match Not Found, so YouTube was interested in promoting us. But even then, you should know that around a million and a half views gets you roughly 150$, depending on your deal with YouTube of course’, she said.  

You can find out more about the topics discussed at the conference here.