Press Gazette Awards offer the finest examples for our aspiring journalists

Last Tuesday the crème da la crème of the journalism world met in the Stationers Hall near Fleet Street to celebrate the best that journalism can offer. The standards were high and competition was fierce but no one could deny the feeling of camaraderie and commitment to the highest of journalism’s causes – to report in the public interest without fear or favour.

This moment was most visible during a speech by Syrian citizen journalist Abdalaziz Alhamza (photograph inset), who accepted the Marie Colvin award. He came to London to accept the award on behalf of the citizen journalism team working on the website ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ – many of whom have lost friends and family at the hands of ISIS. Alhamza, speaking about the important role journalismhas to tell the truth, said: “ISIS is afraid. It is afraid most of one idea: Liberty.” He was met with a standing ovation from his peers. 


And our very own Professor Kurt Barling, a judge on the panel this year, presented the Foreign Affairs award to Channel 4’s Waad Al-Khatib. Waad, currently pregnant and with her husband and one-year-old child in the City of Aleppo, is in Aleppo where the situation worsens and fears for her safety continue to grow. Accepting the award on her behalf Channel 4 News editor Ben De Pear said: “We are desperately worried about Waad. We appeal to the Syrian government to show mercy to the civilians and the journalists out there.” 


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