MDX Journalism Student describes ‘goldmine’ of a day learning from ITN and travels to Olympic Park to meet the first signed eSports player, Sean Allen 

This summer Middlesex Journalism organized work placements to high-profile news organizations. One of our journalism students, Dan Rosato, reflects on his experience at ITN. 

Applying to work at an incredibly professional organization such as ITN is always going to make you feel apprehensive. It is an incredible opportunity, but the magnitude of the place you are going to for work will make you ask: “Will I be able to keep up? Will I be totally out of my depth?”  


After spending a day at the ITN building in London, I can honestly say, why was I worried?  


I walked into the main newsroom at 8:30am and was amazed at just the sheer amount of work already going on behind the scenes of the ITV London News programme.  

I met great people including the presenters and reporters themselves, such as Ria Chatterjie, Simon Harris, and Rags Martel. It was Martel who asked me if I wanted to go out in the field with him to report on a story about Sean Allen, the first eSports player to be signed by a professional Football Club, West Ham.  

One aspect of reporting I learned on the job was the spontaneity of working in public spaces.  

Whilst Rags talked Sean Allen, there was a group of autograph hunters just standing by, clearly waiting for the Rags to finish his interview so they could get an autograph. Rags realised that it would be a nice addition to the report, showing Sean signing autographs.  


We then had lunch, and went to a gaming bar in North London to meet up with Sean again, along with a gaming expert. For one of the shots, Sean and I needed be seen to be playing on the game consoles in the backgrounds, so I – well, my head – actually ended up on the show.   


We got back to the ITN building at around 4:00pm, with just two hours to edit all the footage and sound for the final report piece.  


I got to see how it was all done, from start to finish. I was amazed at how quick they did it.  


It was like a well oiled machine going to work, and it was all done with half an hour until the 6:00pm ITV London News went on air. Seeing professionals do their jobs, seeing what it takes to meet a deadline, and being part of it all was a great experience.  


I now know that if I hadn’t applied, I would have been throwing away an absolute goldmine of knowledge.