My Placement at BBC London 

By Lauren Stanley, BA Journalism
Photo by Lauren Stanley

I completed work experience at London Live which is a London based TV station, broadcasting from the Evening Standard’s news room. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to practice the skills I had learned in the MDX news room and the team was open to hear my new, fresh ideas. Since working alongside London Live I was able to feel confident in my role as a journalist, this then prompted me to apply for further placements, one being at the BBC. I was accepted and at the end of July I worked at BBC London for two weeks.  


This placement was fantastic and gave me an insight into TV, radio and online broadcasting. I met some great contacts in this time and was delighted to meet so many people that I aspire to be like. The staff at BBC London were friendly, despite being extremely busy and took time out of their days to explain, in depth their roles and how to best execute them. My dedication, interest and passion has since gained me freelance work with BBC Radio London, which I am extremely happy about and I hope that there is a future for me at the BBC. 

Photo by Petrana Zemanova

Advice for current students: 

Throughout my time at university I took part in a number of extra-curricular activities that would not only strengthen my CV, but would also enable me to feel more confident in my future roles in broadcasting. Despite being at an advantage by having a degree, industries (especially the media) are extremely competitive and it’s largely about what else you have to offer aside from your degree.  


My advice to anybody reading this is, be proactive! Work experience is so valuable, it teaches you what it’s like in a real-life environment and the contacts that you can make are vital to your career. Something I have always thought about is, you might go through university admiring a particular workplace and aspiring to only work for that particular company because of their reputation, yet when you get a job there in the future, you might hate it.  

Photo by Lauren Stanley