Ludovica Uggeri,

BA Journalism & Media graduate

Former President of the Journalism Society at Middlesex, Ludovica Uggeri, decided to explore the field of marketing upon graduation from Middlesex University. She got a job as the Student Recruitment Marketing Assistant at Middlesex University. Ludovica is participating in marketing campaigns and acts as the point of contact with colleagues across the marketing group and other service areas about regular web updates and production of necessary recruitment tools. 

What do you like most about your current role?  

I love my team! Everyone is extremely nice and welcoming. Additionally, I love the fact that there is so much writing and interviewing. It is very fulfilling to see on the university website the profiles and features that I have written! 

What are the key success factors in this field?  

Being able to write in good English, being organised and having good time management. It is very important to love what you are doing and to understand the target audience.  

Which steps along your path have helped you get this role?  

The internships that I have done helped me a lot in being able to write and understand the different audiences. In one in particular I had the chance to work in the marketing in a museum, I have written articles for several publications online etc. Additionally, being the president of the Journalism Society and an editor of the Students' Union magazine, developed my ability to work in a team and to organise my time. 

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What role did your education play in your career success?  

It definitely improved my time management and writing skills. It is thanks to my module "Writing the City" that I started considering going into marketing. We went to a trip to a Branding Company and I got extremely interested in the field that I started considering it for my career.  

What advice would you give to somebody looking to move into this field?  

I would tell them to get as much experience as possible because that is what will get them a job. It is also very important to talk to people in the field and find out what to do to pursue a career.  

What do you wish you have known about the field while you were a student?  

I did not study marketing, so loads of things are new. But I really like that fact that media and marketing are extremely connected. I would have probably done a couple of workshops about marketing.