Daniel Dwumfour,

BA Journalism and Media

Daniel Dwumfour graduated from BA Journalism & Media degree in 2018. Immediately after graduation he started working for MailOnline, where he was a video journalist. A year and a half later, he decided to open his own business. Daniel is now a CEO/freelancer of his own film and graphic design business, DKAsare Media, as well as head of media at his church, Royalhouse Chapel International Missions Centre.  


Q. What do you like most about your current role? 

A. I enjoy being in control and it is very rewarding and exciting helping clients’ businesses, projects, stories and brands come to life. The feeling is amazing and I love it. I can be flexible and also dream about my next gadget. 

Q. What are the key success factors in your job?  

A. Strategic thinking, branding, market research, marketing, patience, storytelling/planning, budgeting, and knowing your worth. 

Q. Which steps along your path have helped you get this job?  

A. My final year at Middlesex encouraged me to start this business, after I produced an Afrobeats documentary. I wanted to showcase my work but also follow my passion, and build a legacy.  

Q. What role did your education play in your career success? 

A. My education gave me the fundamentals needed to apply in the real world. I had confidence in my ability and knowledge because of the theory and practical exposure I already gained.  

Q. What advice would you give to somebody looking to move into this industry? 

A. I would say you should definitely plan ahead and don’t write yourself off. Sign up to platforms that you can use to promote yourself, like Linkedin; build a portfolio, and make the most of what you have eg. equipment, resources, people, ideas etc.