Journalism Conversations with Huw Edwards and Mark Daly

By Samuele Grignoli, BA Creative Writing & Journalism

The guests of this year’s first Journalism Conversatons at Middlesex University were two of the best journalists practising in the UK - BBC News at Ten presenter Huw Edwards and award-winning investigative journalist Mark Daly.


During the one-hour talk, hosted by Professor of Journalism Kurt Barling, Edwards and Daly spoke about the news industry and how it changed throughout the years, and challenges that aspiring journalist might experience. Both journalists described how uncertain they were approaching the profession and how unpredictable the future seemed at the beginning of their career.​​

According to Edwards and Daly, what gave them a place at the top has been the commitment to the values of the profession, such as ethics, accuracy and hard work. Ultimately, love for what they do and the impulse of making an impact appear to be what boosted their careers. Mark Daly candidly said: “What we are doing is trying to make the difference”.


The topic of the discussion included one of the most significant issues that the BBC has been facing in the last few months - gender equality. While the conversation included informal exchanges of opinion, every word uttered by Edwards and Daly sounded carefully chosen, denoting a real commitment to one of the most relevant values of the network and journalism in general: accuracy.


Huw Edwards underlined the importance of accuracy and pointed to the peril of unverified news on social media: “We all have responsibilities, as journalists, to do our best to convey information which is, as we know, accurate. When you are asking people to trust you, you can’t play fast and loose with the notion of accuracy.”


The next guest of Journalism Conversations will be Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow. The event is scheduled for 27 February.

Photography by Aumid Umary

Photography by Aumid Umary