Hamish McRae and Kurt Barling welcome MDX Freshers

During their first talk as Freshers Middlesex University’s journalism students learned some invaluable lessons from two seasoned journalists. 

First, the old cliché ‘out with the old and in with the new’ still rings true for journalism. But they also learned that in this digital day and age, which is creating a golden age for journalism, some old journalism traditions are certainly worth keeping. 


These lessons were passed on by associate editor of the Independent, Hamish McRae, and our Professor in Journalism, Kurt Barling.  


McRae, an award-winning journalist, and author of a number of books, spoke about how well the Independent has done since they moved from print to a completely digital publication. This has been great for business and, of course, for journalism too. 


He said he is pleased that journalism is still thriving and still sees his role as an important one – finding the truth of a situation and acting as a watchdog on behalf of the public.  

During the same talk our Professor of Journalism, Kurt Barling, spoke to the same vision for journalism – one that embraces technology but stays true to its core watchdog and truth-telling function. 


He told students about how his work as a journalist at the BBC helped to emancipate a modern slave in London. Telling the story a decade on see his article From trafficked minor to British citizen: Tunde Jaji’s dramatic journey in the Independent.