E-cigarettes should be sold in hospitals

– say health officials!

By Alyesha Hutton, BA Journalism

National No Smoking Day is held every year on the second Wednesday in March. This year’s theme was '#TellUsYourWay' and the campaign was focused on encouraging smokers to share their quitting methods. BA Journalism student, Alyesha Hutton, report on a somewhat unusual method to quit smoking – by using E-cigarettes.

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The health officials PHE (Public Health England) published an article which stresses their interest in introducing E-cigarettes as a prescription to patients needing to quit smoking. On the current market, you can purchase gum and nicotine patches as an alternative to help quit smoking but PHE wants to introduce E-cigarettes which possibly could be a newer, more effective way for smokers to quit.


The article from PHE claims they had proved E-cigarettes are 95% less damaging than inhaling tobacco. Before E-cigarettes can be put on an NHS prescription, they need to be licensed through MHRA (Medicines and healthcare products regulatory authority). This is something that is being researched and data is being gathered in order to approve the license, but until that happens, doctors can advise their patients to try E-cigarettes to help them quit.  

Health expert Professor Ann McNeill claims, “Nicotine is present in Electronic cigarettes but it doesn’t come along with all the other smoke constituents so it’s safer.” She continues to explain that, “40% of cigarette smokers haven’t even tried electronic cigarettes “, With that fact in mind they would like to try to find out what they can do to sway smokers to try the range of more harmless nicotine products. She then ended off by saying that “smoking is uniquely dangerous” and she couldn’t think “anything else that is quite as risky to health as cigarette smoking”.


E-cigarettes first came about in 2011 and since then they have become extremely popular. According to ASH (Action on smoking health), over 2 million more people in 2017 started using E-cigarettes in the UK compared to 2012. As the popularity of E-cigarettes has increased, the term ‘Vape’ has also been associated with them and those who smoke them does not enjoy only the fruity flavors, but also the intensity of the smoke.

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Despite the fruity flavors and smoke tricks, vapors have learned to love, there is an underlying issue which has become a worry in the vaping community. The problem surrounding E-cigarettes is that it could tempt non-smokers to start using them. Broadly known for their range of flavors and good taste a vape shop in London says, ‘Vaping is fun! Although it can become just as addictive as nicotine’.