Digital Journalism symposium takes place at

Middlesex University

By Petrana Zemanová, BA Journalism

The final Journalism Conversation this term focused on the future of journalism. Special guests were Kate Forbes, assistant editor vertical digital media at the BBC online; Pete Clifton, editor-in-chief at the Press Association; and Nathaniel Barling, Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

The discussion was led by Professor of Journalism Kurt Barling who framed the debate with an introductory talk about the world of digital media. Prof Barling said: “There are constant innovations. We have to think about how the internet is changing our world.”

Each speaker gave a presentation on digital media, technologies and how journalists should approach digital worlds. Pete Clifton talked about the multimedia production at the Press Association, Kate Forbes focused on the digital videos at BBC, while Nathaniel Barling discussed the artificial intelligence and robot journalism.

The overall agreement seems to have been that journalism is now technical and young journalists going into the industry should have the skills to produce multimedia and digital content. As Clifton put it: “No longer reporters put together only worlds. It is much more overall role now how reporters work.”