Professor Barling discusses Darkness over Germany at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Over one thousand people filled the pews of St. Paul’s Cathedral to hear our Professor of Journalism, Kurt Barling, discuss Amy Buller’s 1943 book Darkness over Germany, a contemporaneous and ethnographic study of the rise of fascism and Hitler’s popularity

Professor Barling was a driving force behind the event as part of his role in the translation of the book into German for the first time. During his talk his message was clear – history should never repeat itself. 

He was joined by an august group of speakers, which included the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams; the first female Lord Justice of Appeal, Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss; and Professor of Economics at the LSE, Lord Stern, who gathered to discuss lessons that can be gleaned from history. 

Questions from the crowd revealed some simmering tensions, with one attendee asking, how can we build an open dialogue while fake news and echo chambers in social media are shaping political discussions and campaigns like Trump's? 


The questions were almost impossible to answer, and the talking points often diverged, but the event ended on a note of optimism, with the attendees speaking in chorus as Professor Barling asked them to repeat after him:





When the playing field is even. 

And the goals are clear. 

And the rules are open and transparent. 

And the referee is fair. 

We can make change happen. 

Keep hope alive!


For more information on the event and the ongoing project see here.