Broadcasting Today with Asad Ahmad

By Amelia Weronika Krzapa, BA Journalism

BBC journalist and Presenter Asad Ahmad was a guest in the first in the fifth series of Broadcasting Today events at Middlesex University hosted by Professor Kurt Barling. First year BA Journalism student Amelia Weronika Krzapa, who attended the filming of the show, reflects on her experience.

"Be confident about your abilities, be determined so you can take the knock backs, and be humble to keep your ego and vanities in check.’’ Asad Ahmad 


This sentence captures the essence of Asad Ahmad’s engaging and inspirational guest appearance on Broadcasting Today.   


Being a member of the audience was an incredible experience because I had an opportunity to listen in to a conversation amongst experienced journalists about the kind of work they do.  The interview was so interesting it prompted me to find out more about Ahmad to satisfy my curiosity.  


What impressed me the most was the fact that he is not simply a news reporter.  He is involved in much more beyond his professional role. Ahmad is an ambassador for HRH Prince of Wales's Mosaic charity. He is also an ambassador for HRH Prince of Wales's British Asian Trust. 


It certainly made me aspire to be this kind of strong person and journalist. I have real admiration for the way he goes about his work but also the kind of personal goals he has set himself and his achievements.  


I was genuinely surprised that everything was organised by Middlesex University Students.  This is the kind of opportunity that I would like to get involved with during my studies.  The event made me realise that being a journalist is a great way to earn a living and I am confident I have made the right choice.  I am so happy I had this opportunity to broaden my horizons by taking part in Broadcasting Today.