Rebeca Gutierrez: My BBC Internship

I arrived bright, early and eager for my work placement at none other than Broadcasting House. Standing in front of the main entrance, I realised this was going to be my office for the next two weeks!


Jude De Silva, assistant editor for BBC London, greeted me and offered advice that stuck with me – he told me not to let the opportunity go to waste and to be as proactive as possible.


I spent my first week with BBC London TV. I was particularly excited to be collaborating with a team – I wanted to learn about the process involved in getting a story ready to be aired on TV. I took part in the brainstorming portion of the morning meeting. Once the stories were decided I went along to see how they were subsequently reported.


What stood out was the importance of being on top of the day’s most important news, and having a clear time schedule to be on air at the correct time. After the filming was complete, most of the editing was done at the office in the editing pods.


During this entire process I developed invaluable research skills. I also got to appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create a successful news report.


My last week was spent with BBC Radio on the Drive Time team, contacting and phoning potential guests for the show. Whilst on air I answered calls from people calling in to express their opinions on the topic being discussed: if they made relevant comments I put them through to speak with the presenter. I also had to go to locations for the breakfast radio team. For one story I interviewed residents about cladding on housing, following the Grenfell fire. Parts of the interviews I did were used throughout the morning.


Overall, I learned the invaluable skill of collaboration at the BBC, and I now appreciate more than ever the process of feedback.


The main thing that will stay with me forever, however, is the feeling of the vibrant atmosphere and the adrenaline buzz I felt whilst working in the busy BBC London office.

BBC Broadcasting House. Photo by Sarah Marshall

BBC. Photo by Rebeca Gutierrez.